TBN Prime Time


Grassroots with Angus Buchan on Mondays & Wednesdays

Mondays & Wednesdays @5pm. Angus, farming evangelist, will take you back to the basics of Christianity on this show that is committed to the truth. Join Shalom Ministries as Angus shares a powerful, yet simple message straight out of the word of God.


Zoe Conference 2017

Tuesday 21 August @ 8pm. Chad Veach hosts Zoe Conference 2017 with John Gray and music by Zoe Worship.

Promos, Movies

TBN in Africa Saturday Movie “Hidden Secrets” in August

Saturday 18 August @ 8pm. A young man finds himself torn between his current girlfriend and an old flame at a funeral of friend where lifestyles and attitudes clash over a long weekend in this faith-based dramedy.


Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV

Weekdays 6:00am. Pastor Brian’s messages are empowering, passionate and practical for everyday life; his teaching will inspire you with the hope, joy, meaning and purpose that can be found in a personal and loving God. Recorded in Sydney, Australia.


NEW Partner Time Slots

Catch Partner Time during it's NEW Time Slots on TBN in Africa: Sundays 13:30pm CAT and repeated Mondays 18:30pm CAT; Tuesdays 10:30am CAT; Wednesdays 05:00am CAT; Thursdays 07:30pm CAT


Dr Tumi “The Gathering Of Worshippers” 2018

#DontMissIt, Saturday 1 September, Voortrekker Monument


Every Minute Matters Campaign

Every Minute, Every Story, Every Life Matters


TBN in Africa Re-Launch

A look at what ministers and viewers are looking forward to, and what they had to say about TBN returning to Africa. [Song Credit: Malibongwe - "We Will Worship"]


TBN in Africa Re-Launch PROMO

The largest Faith and Family television network in the world returns to Africa!