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Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV

Weekdays 6:00am. Pastor Brian’s messages are empowering, passionate and practical for everyday life; his teaching will inspire you with the hope, joy, meaning and purpose that can be found in a personal and loving God. Recorded in Sydney, Australia.


NEW Partner Time Slots

Catch Partner Time during it's NEW Time Slots on TBN in Africa: Sundays 13:30pm CAT and repeated Mondays 18:30pm CAT; Tuesdays 10:30am CAT; Wednesdays 05:00am CAT; Thursdays 07:30pm CAT


Dr Tumi “The Gathering Of Worshippers” 2018

#DontMissIt, Saturday 1 September, Voortrekker Monument


Africa, Christianity & The Bible with Doye Agama

Saturdays @12:30pm. Tracing Africa's history through the framework of the Bible. Helping you discover the original Africans, their relationships with Ancient Greece, Israel and beyond through to the New Testament.


Every Minute Matters Campaign

Every Minute, Every Story, Every Life Matters

Praise The Lord

Matt & Laurie Crouch host the Re-Launch of TBN Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa Matt & Laurie Crouch host the Re-Launch of TBN Africa at Rhema Church, Johannesburg, South Africa with Ray & Zelda McCauley from Rhema Bible Church, T. D. Jakes from The Potter's House, Xola Nzo from Change Bible Church, Joseph Prince from New Creation Church, Wally Scholtz from Church In the City, Bert & Charne Pretorius from 3C Church, Kenneth Ulmer from Faithful Central Bible Church, Bheki Gamedze from New Africa Gateway Church, Angus Buchan from Shalom Ministries and music by Soweto Gospel Choir and Rhema Worship.