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Can only something huge change the world, or could it be that all it takes is one small act of kindness? The Word says, blessed are those who give without interest, who offer themselves and expect nothing in return. If you could help change the world, would you? "Hi I’m Dr Tumi and I want to challenge you to make an impact with one act of kindness that will inspire others to do the same, I want to encourage you to create your WAFIKA moment." For the month of December keep your eyes open and put love into action, whenever, wherever and however God lays on your heart. Dream big, start small but start and show someone the kind of love that changes a life forever. #Wafika is about gratitude, thanking God for giving us eternal life sharing His unconditional love with others and being His hands and feet. We want you to create your Wafika moment and share it with us so that together, we can inspire others to do the same and change the world. #WafikaMoment #DrTumi #TBNinAfrica #DSTV343


Putting An X Through Anxiety Breaking Free From The Grip Of Worry

Break free from the grip of worry and stress For many, anxiety is a powerful giant that would like you to believe that your life will never be normal again. A giant that traps you in darkness and defeat. But, you can live free from anxiety. Knowing first-hand the reality of the battle of anxiety, pastor Louie Giglio shares both practical and spiritual ways to walk in freedom. With encouragement and hope he unfolds the truth in the paradox that anxiety is dead but still deadly—namely, that while the reality of anxiety might be intimidating, there is One whose power has already won the battle. Putting an X Through Anxiety will show you how to put an "X" through your anxiety using the strongest of weapons: the cross of Jesus. Each day of the journey will help you put one foot forward in the battle, breaking through strongholds where Jesus has already fought for you and won.


Every Minute Matters Campaign

Every Minute, Every Story, Every Life Matters