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Classic Superbook

Superbook teaches children timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children.

  • Saturday 6:30AM
Smile TV

iShine KNECT

This is a high-energy series about tween artists as they share and sing about how they find their identity in Christ.

  • Saturday 8:30AM
Smile TV

Meet The Tunies

Two college students offer to run their Uncle's music shop for the summer. When they arrive they discover they are not alone. They meet three lovable creatures called Tunies and all the fun begins.

  • Saturday 7AM
Smile TV

Mickey's Farm

Join Mickey on his adventures, sometimes getting into some tight spots but with the help of new farm friends, he always wins in the end, learning valuable lessons along the way.

  • Saturday 8AM
Smile TV

Sarah's Stories

Educational children's books, songs and crafts. It Educates and informs children ages 4-11 and teaches them more about Jesus Christ our Saviour.

  • Saturday 7:30AM
Smile TV


KKidz Media is dedicated to offering Holy-Spirit inspired television programs that assist and prepare children to understand their God given purpose in life, build Christ-centred values and help them live their dreams.

  • Saturday 6AM