TBN in Africa Series


Divine Direction with Craig Groeschel

Every day we make choices. And those choices accumulate and eventually become our life story. What would your life look like if you became an expert at making those choices?

  • Wednesday 8PM

LIT - Howard Fyvie

Follow LIT as we unpack the compelling journey of lives and life in Africa. Our host, Howard Fyvie, makes each episode come to life. Our show shines a light on the character of these individuals while uncovering that of the host too.

  • Sunday 8PM

Passion with Louie Giglio

Hear the messages of hope and redemption streaming from Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, with pastor Louie Giglio.

  • Tuesday 7:30PM

The Messenger with John & Lisa Bevere

Messenger International seeks to develop uncompromising followers of Christ, who transform our world. Empowering lives, transforming communities, advancing justice. A ministry of John and Lisa Bevere.

  • Saturday 6PM