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What Would Jesus Do?

PG - Drama (2010): A moving and thought provoking story about a group of Americans - a singer, a newspaper editor, a pastor & a real estate mogul who vow to walk "in the steps of Jesus." Every day and every decision becomes a turning point in their lives as they must ask themselves..."What Would Jesus Do?"

  • Saturday 02 Feb 8PM

The Woodcarver

PG - Drama (2012): A troubled youth vandalizes a church and winds up in a close association with the woodcarver whose work he destroyed.

  • Saturday 09 Feb 8PM

What If...

PG - Drama, Family (2010) 15 years ago, Ben Walker left his girlfriend and his ministry calling for a business opportunity. He is now visited by an angel, who gives him a glimpse into what his life would look like had he followed his calling.

  • Saturday 16 Feb 8PM

Flag Of My Father

PG Drama: When their veteran father dies unexpectedly, jealousy fractures an already fragile relationship between an Army nurse & her four older half brothers. Judith relies on her unwavering faith & attempts to heal the strife within the family.

  • Saturday 02 Mar 8PM