TBN in Africa Highlights

180 Degrees with Biodun Fatoyinbo

The Commonwealth of Zion Assembly is a place of purpose, vision, discovery, developing and deploying of God's intent for your life. We have a mandate to raise men and women who would take over in every sector and sphere of life.

  • Friday 1:30AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 10:30PM
  • Sunday 10:30PM

3-2-1 Penguins!

3-2-1 Penguins! is a series of Christian computer-animated cartoons. The adventures that ensues ties into whatever moral dilemma Jason and Michelle had struggled with. From the company that brought you VeggieTales.

  • Saturday 7AM

3C Live with Bert Pretorius

Bert & Charne' Pretorius are the senior pastors of 3C, a dynamic church in Centurion, South Africa. Their passion for God is contagious and evident in their ministry all over the world as they fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

  • Thursday 9:30PM
  • Friday 12:30AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 9:30PM
  • Wednesday 12:30AM (Repeat)

700 Club Africa

The program has in the last few decades, ministered to millions of people from various walks of life through its inspirational ministry segments, testimonies, and news coverage from around the world.

  • Monday 12PM
  • Wednesday 3:30AM (Repeat)

700 Club Nigeria

Produced in Abuja highlighting the work of CBN in Nigeria and West Africa. The hosts, Barine Gbosi and Ethelle Ekpe-Aderemi use their experiences to relate with the viewers as they weave the various segments of the program together.

  • Friday 12PM
  • Monday 3:30AM (Repeat)

A New Thing with Sipho Mseleku

The GBR - Global Business Roundtable as a networking organization with a global member pool focuses on the complete development of a person in line with Gods plan for His Kingdom. “Mathew 6 verse 33”

  • Thursday 1AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 5PM

Adventures With God - Darren Wilson

An exciting new chapter in Darren Wilson's journey, as he wrestles with big, often controversial questions and is sure to please anyone with even a passing interest in God or faith.

  • Tuesday 7:30PM

Air Power with Kakra Baiden

An architect by profession and the spiritual son of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. Kakra is also a Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International denomination and a pastor of the Morning Star Cathedral located in Sakumono Ghana.

  • Thursday 4AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 1:30PM
  • Tuesday 1:30PM
  • Wednesday 4AM (Repeat)

Apostolic Connection with Buti Makwakwa

Apostle Buti Makwakwa is a Godly man who excels in revelation knowledge, power and gifts. He believes in Excellence of Ministry.

  • Monday 5:30PM
  • Wednesday 3AM (Repeat)


Auto B Good educates and informs children between the ages of 3 - 8. It teaches children character, honesty, respect, obedience, self-control and more. Children learn through nine main vehicles, each with their own unique personality.

  • Saturday 7:30AM

Be Your Dream, Inspire with Anaïs

The show is based on The Be Your Dream-project and the involvement of everyone behind the scenes. The Be Your Dream project hopes to empower the youth to live their dreams, and to call LifeLine for any problem no matter how big or small.

  • Thursday 2:30PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 6PM

Breakforth with Andrew Osakwe

Committed to spreading the message of the new covenant and God's kingdom across the globe, mobilizing the body of Christ to rise up, take over the "kingdoms of this world" and prepare itself for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Friday 7:30AM
  • Saturday 11:30PM
  • Sunday 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 11:30PM

Building Champions with Kenneth Ulmer

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer welcomes you to Faithful Central, a church that believes in building champions for divine deployment. Champions of all ages, races, and walks of life.

  • Sunday 12:30PM

C·U·M Books Breakout Artists

Featuring brand new material from Artists, across the world, such as Music Videos, Song Stories etc. Keep yourself up to date with your favorite Artists' projects and media which is available at C.U.M. Books Stores nationwide and online.

  • Saturday 7:30PM

C·U·M Books Exclusive

Catch a glimpse of some amazing series on offer at C·U·M Books nation wide

  • Monday 8PM

CHOOSE LIFE with John Roebert

Pastor John and Mandri Roebert lead CHOOSE LIFE Church in Pretoria, South Africa. A church with a passion for the Holy Spirit, Worship, and God's Word. Our motto: Helping People Know Jesus.

  • Thursday 7:30AM
  • Friday 1AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 5:30AM

Creflo Dollar Ministries

Excellence is a way of life; this is the standard of life that Creflo Dollar insists on. The goal of his existence is to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with simplicity and understanding, thereby changing the world one person at a time.

  • Thursday 8AM
  • Friday 8AM
  • Sunday 10:30AM
  • Monday 8AM
  • Tuesday 8AM
  • Wednesday 8AM

Destined To Reign with Joseph Prince

NCC TV hopes to send the gospel as experienced in our church services into homes all over the world. Lives will be transformed and a hurting world healed when the loveliness of Jesus and the perfection of His finished work are made known.

  • Thursday 7AM
  • Friday 7AM
  • Sunday 10AM
  • Monday 7AM
  • Tuesday 7AM
  • Wednesday 7AM

Destiny Encounter with Paul Enenche

The Revival program of Dunamis Int'l Gospel Centre, a fireful Church where God’s Presence, Principles and Power is tangibly on ground for the restoration of human lives and destinies. The ministry is headquartered in Nigeria, West Africa.

  • Monday 2:30PM
  • Tuesday 1:30AM (Repeat)

Discover Life with At Boshoff

Win the lost at any cost! This is the powerful motto of Christian Revival Church. Every endeavour is launched with the motto in mind, and evaluated on the grounds of how people are won effectively for Christ. Discover God's life for you.

  • Thursday 5AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 8AM

Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts

His adventures include on-location explorations and loads of high-quality animation that help bring history to life. As always, Dave includes the Christian influences that made these countries great.

  • Thursday 3:30PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 4:30PM

Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer has a television broadcast that is designed to preach the gospel to every nation, every city and every day. Because of this show we are able to reach millions of hurting people around the world with the love of Jesus Christ.

  • Thursday 5:30AM
  • Thursday 9PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 5:30AM
  • Friday 9PM (Repeat)
  • Monday 5:30AM
  • Monday 9PM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 5:30AM
  • Tuesday 9PM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 5:30AM
  • Wednesday 9PM (Repeat)

Equip & Empower with Christine Caine

Known for her ability to communicate profound messages of hope and inspiration, Christine has a heart for reaching the lost, strengthening leadership, championing the cause of justice and building the local church globally.

  • Thursday 7:30PM

Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer

Joyce is now taking your questions for her new show Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer. We want to put a face with the questions, so upload a photo of yourself holding your question and post it on your account using #AskJoyce.

  • Sunday 1:30PM

Excellent Leadership with Sam Adeyemi

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, dynamic pastor, teacher, author and life coach is the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria, a church committed to raising men and women who would become role models in the society.

  • Thursday 2AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 11PM
  • Saturday 2AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 11PM
  • Tuesday 2AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 11PM

Experience Your Miracle with Sharon Venketiah

Sharon’s calling is to teach, mentor, nurture, inspire and motivate the Kingdom of God to rise to their destiny, because every child of Jesus is predestined for greatness.

  • Tuesday 5:30PM

Family Time with Angus Buchan

In "Family Time with Angus Buchan" the 'cowboy preacher' as he is fondly known by South Africans, aims at teaching men to be good husbands, mothers to respect their husbands and children to appreciate their parents.

  • Thursday 7:25AM
  • Friday 7:25AM
  • Monday 7:25AM
  • Tuesday 7:25AM
  • Wednesday 7:25AM

FiftyFour Show

A variety offering that traces the developments in African pop culture and so much more. This entertaining show turns the spotlight on the role of faith in culture, and aims to inspire young adults to live out a positive lifestyle.

  • Friday 7:30PM
  • Saturday 1:30AM (Repeat)

Fresh Start Today with Sam Oye

Sam Oye is an author, pastor, development coach and a certified marriage instructor. He is a dynamic communicator with great capacity to connect with a diverse audience with a mandate to take the message of HOPE around the globe.

  • Saturday 12:30PM
  • Monday 12:30AM (Repeat)

From Glory To Glory with Jacob Msipha

God has anointed Ps Jacob as a Prophetic Teacher, teaching the Word not with ink but with divine life and Holy Spirit anointing. Ps Mazote is an anointed minister of the gospel. She is used by God in various ministry departments.

  • Friday 10PM
  • Monday 2AM (Repeat)

Gates Of Destiny with Paul Kamba

Apostle Paul carries out the mandate of bringing to birth destinies of believers. He is a much sought after speaker with a gift of inspiring faith in God through the lord Jesus Christ the listeners and motivating believers.

  • Friday 1:30PM
  • Monday 4AM (Repeat)

Grassroots with Angus Buchan

Angus, farming evangelist, will take you back to the basics of Christianity on this show that is committed to the truth. Join Shalom Ministries as Angus shares a powerful, yet simple message straight out of the word of God.

  • Sunday 12AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 5PM
  • Tuesday 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 5PM

Heaven On Earth - Bethel Church

Bethel Redding’s mission is to create a vibrant family of hope-filled believers who deeply experience the love and presence of God and partner with Jesus to express the joy and power of His kingdom in every area of life.

  • Sunday 2PM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 8PM

HillsongTV with Brian Houston

Pastor Brian's messages are empowering, passionate and practical for everyday life; his teaching will inspire you with the hope, joy, meaning and purpose that can be found in a personal and loving God. Recorded in Sydney, Australia.

  • Thursday 6:30PM
  • Monday 5AM (Repeat)

Holy Ghost

Darren sets out to make a film that is completely led by the Holy Spirit. No plan, script, safety net. The result not only challenges and excites, but also reveals a God who is far more alive and active than you ever imagined.

  • Sunday 20 Aug 8PM

Holy Ghost Reborn

Not All Who Wander Are Lost In Holy Ghost Reborn, the sequel to the popular and controversial Holy Ghost, Director Darren Wilson continues his journey around the world in his quest to make a movie that is completely led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Sunday 27 Aug 8PM

Hope Restoration Ministries with Siphiwe Mathebula

Hope Restoration Ministries is a Relevant, Relating and Restoring ministry. Join Pastor SC Mathebula as he draws from a Reservoir of Hope to restore Hope to the hopeless.

  • Sunday 7:30PM

Hosting The Supernatural with Nicky van der Westhuizen

A talk show based program hosted by Apostle Nicky van der Westhuizen. The show features special guest interviews ,musical performances, family and leadership insights, and segments on how to host the supernatural in our daily lives.

  • Sunday 6:30AM
  • Tuesday 4AM (Repeat)

In His Name with Tamryn Klintworth

Tamryn labours with her team to win the lost and equip believers for soul-winning. With Africa as the central focus, they are devoted to moving from Cape Town to Cairo, lifting on high the name of Him who sets the sinner free!

  • Saturday 11:30AM
  • Sunday 3AM (Repeat)

In His Presence with Emmanuel Ogbechie

The mission is to bring the divine presence of our lord Jesus Christ to the nations of the world. We have a mandate to represent divinity to the world, to teach all nations the reality of the manifested presence.

  • Saturday 7PM
  • Monday 1AM (Repeat)

iShine KNECT

This is a high-energy series about tween artists as they share and sing about how they find their identity in Christ.

  • Saturday 8:30AM

Jesse Duplantis Ministries

A unique and loved minister, Jesse Duplantis has been sharing his memorable mix of strong, biblical preaching and hilarious life lessons every week. Tune in whenever you need a touch from God, or even just a face lift for your soul!

  • Monday 6:30PM

John Gray World

John currently serves as an Associate Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen. Wherever God takes John here and into the future, he is determined to serve with passion, humility and power.

  • Sunday 4:30PM

Joyful Promise with Joy Dara

Recorded at TBN London Studios, Pastor Joshua Joy Dara brings you Joyful Promise - A 2 minute daily devotional program bringing the Joy of the Lord directly from the Heart of God through His scriptures.

  • Thursday 11:55AM
  • Friday 11:55AM
  • Monday 11:55AM
  • Tuesday 11:55AM
  • Wednesday 11:55AM

Juicy Ladies with Adaeze & Lavinia

The Juicy Ladies at Vinejuice bring us the hottest news & topics in contemporary Urban Christian Culture

  • Friday 6:30PM

Keerpunt met Dirkie vd Spuy

Die visie wat God vir ons gegee het is: "Jesus alles in elkeen". Jesus staan sentraal in ons verhouding met God en mense. Ons wil in totale gehoorsaamheid leef en diensbaar wees. Gebed is die fondament in ons reis saam met Jesus.

  • Sunday 7AM
  • Monday 12AM (Repeat)

Kingdom Connection with Jentezen Franklin

Join Jentezen Franklin with his unique style of preaching, utilizing powerful illustrations to tackle difficult topics with boldness to reach the people with the pure message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Monday 6PM

Laugh! With The Skit Guys

Tommy & Eddie are The Skit Guys, who use their talents in humour and acting to minister to the next generation. Each episode is a combination of skits and short videos centred around one specific gospel or moral lesson per episode.

  • Tuesday 4PM

Let My People Think with Ravi Zacharias

The RZIM program seeks to explore issues such as life's meaning, the credibility of the Christian message and the Bible, the weakness of modern intellectual movements, and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ.

  • Wednesday 6:30PM

Life By Design with André Olivier

Ps André Olivier, Senior Pastor of Rivers Church, offers practical and motivational Bible teaching for all people in a fresh, illustrative and creative way.

  • Saturday 1AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 9AM
  • Tuesday 5AM (Repeat)

Life In The Word with Chuks Ozabor

GraceHouse Family Church: where the word of Faith is preached and Biblical truths are presented to you in a simple and life- changing manner.

  • Friday 12AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 3:30PM
  • Tuesday 6:30PM
  • Wednesday 12AM (Repeat)

Lifestyle with Unati Speirs

Unati Speirs is the banking head of agro industries at South Africa’s Industrial Development Corporation (IDC)

  • Friday 9:30PM

Living By Grace with Bertie Brits

The most powerful force in existence is the Love of God for mankind. The vision of Dynamic Love Ministries is to spread the message of His love to as many people as possible and help people stay in His message of love for them.

  • Tuesday 3AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 1:30PM

Living By The Answer with Olusola Areogun

The teaching ministry of the Dream Centre of the Life Oasis International Church. Each believer is taught how to operate in the life of God and become an oasis in the deserts of life.

  • Sunday 3PM
  • Wednesday 1:30AM (Repeat)

Living Life with Theo Wolmarans

Theo and Beverley Wolmarans wants to bring people into the family of Jesus Christ, develop them into Christian maturity and equip them for their ministry in the church in order to magnify God and His Holy Name.

  • Sunday 12PM
  • Tuesday 12AM (Repeat)

Living Proof with Beth Moore

Living Proof Ministries is dedicated to encourage people to come to know and love Jesus Christ through the study of scripture.

  • Wednesday 9:30PM

Market Place with Charles Ngobeni

This dynamic 'walk-the-talk' reality talk show, hosted by pastor and business mogul, Charles Ngobeni, features a variety of guests who reveal their secrets of success in the marketplace. Helping you to turn your dreams into reality.

  • Saturday 1:30PM
  • Wednesday 1AM (Repeat)

Monster Truck Adventures

Monster Truck Adventures is an animated series that entertains and teaches Biblical life lessons! Join Meteor and his friends as they roar over jumps and splash through gunk in everyday adventures at school and all over their hometown.

  • Saturday 6AM

NCC TV with Joseph Prince

NCC TV hopes to send the gospel as experienced in our church services into homes all over the world. Lives will be transformed and a hurting world healed when the loveliness of Jesus and the perfection of His finished work are made known.

  • Thursday 6PM
  • Tuesday 6PM
  • Wednesday 6PM

New Day with Ray McCauley

The continued teachings of Pastor Ray McCauley of Rhema Ministries. His words of encouragement, clear and inspiring messages have resulted in many people giving their lives to God whilst watching the programme.

  • Thursday 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 9AM
  • Wednesday 7:30AM

One Cubed Naija

One Cubed provides an alternative to the often-negative influences of secular music videos shown on TV. One Cubed Naija believes music is a universal language and offers clean, hip and contemporary sound flavour to its young audience.

  • Friday 4AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 11:30PM

Overcomer with Joel Osteen

Joel and Victoria Osteen's message of unconditional love and unending hope is reaching out to millions of people around the world. A leading voice for a new generation of ministry leaders that believe with God all things are possible.

  • Sunday 5PM

Palavra Viva with Flori Ramos

Seeking to build an organic church, with deep bonds in Christ, united by the goal of preaching the grace and love of God. Aiming to be a church committed to preaching the gospel of grace, to proclaiming the goodness and the mercy of God.

  • Thursday 11:30PM
  • Sunday 1:30AM (Repeat)

Partner Time

Join Managing Director, Lucky Mbiko, as he shares the vision of TBN in Africa and updates viewers of what is happening behind the scenes and how they can partner and make an impact in the continent of Africa and across the world.

  • Friday 2:30AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 2:30PM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 4PM

Planetshakers TV

Planetshakers' mission is to "empower a generation to win a generation". This Christian youth movement began as an conference and grew into an international ministry. Russell and Sam Evans founded Planetshakers Ministries in 1997.

  • Saturday 3:30PM


Inspiring talk and music at the intersection of faith, culture and current trends.

  • Thursday 8PM
  • Tuesday 8PM

Prayer Storm with James Aladiran

Prayer Storm is a movement of worship, prayer and fasting crying out to God for a great awakening in our Nation. Believing that intercession is more caught than taught, a catalyst for people to capture a new zeal for prayer.

  • Tuesday 3:30PM

Radical Makeovers with Rebecca Friedlander

RM captures Real Beauty through stories, photo shoots and makeovers. Each girl shares how faith in Jesus Christ and healthy community was ultimately the key to wellness and the understanding of True, Lasting Beauty.

  • Monday 3:30PM

Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi

Real Woman wants to provide rehabilitation and skill training to economically and socially disadvantaged women and children, thereby empowering them to positively affect their families and the society.

  • Thursday 11PM
  • Friday 2AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 5:30PM (Repeat)

Recipes For Greatness with Godman Akinlabi

Godman Akinlabi has a God-given mandate to Make Greatness Common. He has taught and inspired people around the world. He is particularly driven to speak about the role of the church in the development of the African continent.

  • Friday 3AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 11:30PM
  • Monday 3AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 11:30PM

Restoring Hope with Chris Mathebula

Hope Restoration Ministries is a Relevant, Relating and Restoring ministry. Join Pastor SC Mathebula as he draws from a Reservoir of Hope to restore Hope to the hopeless.

  • Saturday 12:30AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 1PM

Restoring The Shack with Paul Young

Join author Paul Young on this inside look at how his own life’s journey shaped his writing and explors questions about faith, grief, wonder and relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • Monday 7:30PM

Rhema Band

Join the Rhema Band as they lead viewers into a moment of worship through songs that we all can relate to.

  • Tuesday 7:30AM
  • Wednesday 2:30AM (Repeat)

RocKids TV

The RocKids Cartoon characters and universe is based on Luke 19:40, "If the people fall silent, the stones will cry out". Each show has a unique Bible theme, cartoons, BibleToons scripture songs as well as BibleToon music videos.

  • Saturday 6:30AM

Salt & Light with Errol Naidoo

The program will focus on and address topical issues in the news media from a Biblical perspective whilst keeping you updated about the many threats against your values. It will also equip you with tools to defeat this godless agenda.

  • Saturday 3AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 6PM
  • Wednesday 12PM (Repeat)

SERIOUSLY?! With Ashton Parsley

Seriously Smart - Seriously Funny - Seriously Relevant. Ashton Parsley hosts SERIOUSLY?! - Social commentary with a Christian point of view!

  • Thursday 4PM

Something Is About To Happen with Paul Adefarasin

Paul is well known for his clear message of hope, healing and empowerment. His ability to transcend Race, Tribe and Creed with his unique approach to ministry has seen to the forging of many strategic relationships in Africa.

  • Thursday 12AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 9:30PM

Steven Furtick

The Elevation Experience, with Pastor Steven Furtick, focuses on the strength of God in our everyday struggles.

  • Thursday 9AM
  • Thursday 7PM (Repeat)
  • Friday 9AM
  • Friday 7PM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 9:30AM
  • Monday 9AM
  • Monday 7PM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 9AM
  • Tuesday 7PM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 9AM
  • Wednesday 7PM (Repeat)

Stronger with Clayton King

What if God's perspective of victory is very different from ours? What if the areas we avoid are precisely the moulds the Lord uses to form us into his image? King encourages us to accept the inevitable that life brings.

  • Friday 3:30PM

Success Power with Sam Adeyemi

Pastor Sam is passionate about teaching Success, Leadership and Financial principles through seminars and the media. His teachings have motivated, encouraged and spurred on loads of people to start or advance their careers and businesses.

  • Tuesday 11PM
  • Wednesday 2AM (Repeat)

Taking Dominion with Enoch Phiri

Restoration House through the prophetic voice of Pastor Enoch F Phiri, is a home where broken hearts, broken dreams, broken aspirations and broken purposes are restored according to God's original purpose.

  • Thursday 5:30PM
  • Monday 7:30AM

TBN Conference Hour

Variety of the best global conferences exclusive to TBN

  • Friday 8PM
  • Saturday 5AM (Repeat)

TBN Meets with Loyiso Bala

A premium lifestyle program that celebrates the best that Africa has to offer. The weekly program features some of Africa's most talented individuals, as well as those who make a difference in, and impact the lives of, their communities.

  • Friday 5PM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 12AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 8:30PM

The Blessed Life with Robert Morris

The Blessed Life is a half-hour program featuring insightful teaching from Robert Morris, Founder of Gateway Church, and dynamic worship with the Gateway Worship team. Gateway Church is a evangelistic, Spirit-empowered church.

  • Thursday 8:30AM
  • Friday 8:30AM
  • Sunday 11AM
  • Monday 8:30AM
  • Tuesday 8:30AM
  • Wednesday 8:30AM

The Bouquet

Two estranged sisters torn apart by their differences suddenly find themselves working together towards a common goal in the heartwarming drama, The Bouquet.

  • Saturday 19 Aug 8PM

The Christian News

The Christian News is a weekly news programme that highlights trending news events that affect the general public and reflects on the state of our nation while providing an informed Christian perspective.

  • Friday 5:30PM
  • Monday 1:30AM (Repeat)

The Dr. Leaf Show

Featuring riveting and inspiring conversations with people you can relate to. You'll discover how to tackle life's tough challenges, change the way you're thinking, and emerge stronger than ever by relying on God and His Word.

  • Saturday 4:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 10PM

The Legacy of Purpose with Myles Jr. & Charisa Munroe

The Legacy of Purpose show was created to reintroduce the teachings and messages of Dr. Myles Munroe. It will highlight individuals who were inspired and transformed by this media and those who are successfully walking in their purpose.

  • Sunday 11:30AM

The Mini-Sessions with Cynthia Garrett

Your favourite “Walk-Show” host is back with the Mini Sessions... Through this ministry that's uniquely anointed for today, Cynthia creates tools and resources for women to walk out life with Jesus at the centre of everything.

  • Friday 6PM
  • Wednesday 4PM (Repeat)

The Potter's Touch with TD Jakes

This ministry reaches broken people and leads them to the healing hands of God. TD Jakes' teachings are cutting edge, relevant and applicable to all people. You'll be strengthened, renewed, and will discover who God designed you to be.

  • Thursday 6AM
  • Friday 6AM
  • Sunday 5:30PM
  • Monday 6AM
  • Tuesday 6AM
  • Wednesday 6AM

The Proceeding Word with Bheki Gamedze

South Africa-born Rev. Dr. Bheki V. Gamedze is the Senior Pastor and Founder of New Africa Gateway Church, a vibrant, rapidly growing, local church in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Gamedze has been in the ministry since 1978.

  • Saturday 4AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 10PM

The Prophetic Hour with Refilwe Dzonzie

Join Pastor Refilwe, from End Time Revival Outreach Ministries, for a prophetic insight into what the Bible says.

  • Friday 3:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 2PM

The Spirit Contemporary Life with Leon Fontaine

Leon challenges all believers to be Spirit Contemporary through thought-provoking and practical teachings. If we learn to understand, and hear the Holy Spirit in everyday life we have the power to influence this world like never before.

  • Sunday 8:30AM

The Spirit Of Prayer with Clive Gopaul

A dynamic leader and visionary who serves as the Senior Pastor of Conquering through Prayer Ministries. He is a leading and influential voice both nationally and internationally. He is known for his practical approach to prayer.

  • Thursday 3AM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 10PM
  • Sunday 3:30AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 10PM

ToekomsVenster with Jannie Pelser

Geestelike groei is nie ‘n opsionele nie maar noodsaaklik as Christene hul rol in ‘n snelverandererende wêreld na behore wil vertolk. Tensy gelowiges hul geestelike lewe versorg en voed kan hulle moedeloos langs die pad uitsak.

  • Saturday 2PM
  • Sunday 2AM (Repeat)

Travel The Road

This ground breaking reality television series documents the adventurous lives of young missionaries Tim and Will over 18 months, through 25 countries, across 40,000 miles with a unique look into the world of frontline mission work.

  • Saturday 4PM
  • Wednesday 3:30PM (Repeat)


Based on true stories of people from different backgrounds and social statuses that depict the painful realities of drugs and alcohol, crime, prostitution, and gangs. The program shows the power of God to transform and restore lives.

  • Saturday 3PM

Turning Point International

We aim to inspire, We aim to educate, We aim to enlighten and We aim to entertain believer's and unbeliever's alike to show how God works in the lives of everyday people and how He can work in their lives as well.

  • Thursday 3:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 12:30PM


VeggieTales features talking vegetables in stories conveying moral themes based on Christianity. They frequently retell Biblical stories include humorous references to pop culture in many different eras by putting Veggie spins on them.

  • Saturday 8AM


PG13 - Drama (2015): VIRTUOUS is a modern day version of Proverbs 31. It's the story of a Hollywood starlet, a soldier on the battlefield, the successful businesswoman, and the housekeeping and cooking skills of dear old Mom.

  • Saturday 26 Aug 8PM

Wake Up To Hope with Joel & Victoria Osteen

Joel and Victoria Osteen's message of unconditional love and unending hope is reaching out to millions of people around the world. A leading voice for a new generation of ministry leaders that believe with God all things are possible.

  • Thursday 6:30AM
  • Friday 6:30AM
  • Monday 6:30AM
  • Tuesday 6:30AM
  • Wednesday 6:30AM

Winning Ways with Matthew Ashimolowo

Join Matthew; senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in London, as he makes use of his dynamic gifting as a Pastor, and teacher, to inspire countless souls with his passionate preaching of the Living Word.

  • Thursday 4:30AM (Repeat)
  • Thursday 10:30PM
  • Friday 4:30AM (Repeat)
  • Friday 10:30PM
  • Monday 4:30AM (Repeat)
  • Monday 10:30PM
  • Tuesday 4:30AM (Repeat)
  • Tuesday 10:30PM
  • Wednesday 4:30AM (Repeat)
  • Wednesday 10:30PM

Wisdomseekers with Wally Scholtz

A dynamic dialogue, revelation-driven, featuring the unchanging standard of God's eternal Word. It creates the power of a transformed life, kindling passion for truth, a must for thirsty believers and every day wisdom seekers.

  • Saturday 9:30AM
  • Sunday 12:30AM (Repeat)

Word & Spirit with RT Kendall

Join RT Kendall for his message is to rediscover the power that was manifested in the Book of Acts, a demonstration of signs, wonders and miracles; a need to see the gifts of the Spirit operating in the church.

  • Wednesday 7:30PM

Word For Today with Bob Gass

Bob Gass offers spiritual help and encouragement to those in need. This cutting edge devotional offers people from all walks of life, strength and guidance for daily living. Bob Gass is known for his inspiring, thought-provoking messages.

  • Thursday 6:25PM
  • Friday 6:25PM
  • Monday 6:25PM
  • Tuesday 6:25PM
  • Wednesday 6:25PM

Xihlovo with Mosa Sono

Bishop Sono's calling and passion is to win people to Christ, bring believers into full maturity of their walk with God, train, raise and mentor leaders in the church, corporate sector and in the community at large.

  • Sunday 7PM
  • Tuesday 5PM (Repeat)

You Were There with Modupe Ijisesan

This program follows the team of CBN’s Humanitarian workers through the mountains, grasslands, and the marshy terrains of Nigeria. The producers also take time to intimate the viewers with tips that will keep them free from health issues.

  • Friday 12:30PM
  • Tuesday 3:30AM (Repeat)

Your Miracle Moment with Siva Moodley

Join Pastors Siva & Jessie Moodley for an encounter with God's Glory, Signs & Wonders and prophetic revelation of God's Word. Your life will never be the same again. This is your miracle moment.

  • Sunday 1AM (Repeat)
  • Sunday 10PM

Your Year of Jubilee with Jacobus Brouwers

We encourage every believer to be a part of the Ministry and to be an effective Christian within an ineffective world. “If someone is passionate about what they are doing, then results would be an automatic byproduct of that passion”.

  • Thursday 12:30AM (Repeat)
  • Saturday 11PM

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