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C·U·M Books Breakout Artists July 21 7:30PM

C·U·M Books Breakout Artists

Featuring brand new material from Artists, across the world, such as Music Videos, Song Stories etc. Keep yourself up to date with your favorite Artists' projects and media which is available at C.U.M. Books Stores nationwide and online.

Behind The Scenes - Rixi Roman Saturday 6PM

Behind The Scenes - Rixi Roman

We take a look behind the scenes of a Gospel inspired artist. Our Cameras travel with various guests this week, from gig to gig and share his inspirations, testimonies and life stories.

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  • 00:00 TBN Meets with Loyiso Bala
  • 00:30 Restoring Hope with Chris Mathebula
  • 01:00 Life By Design with André Olivier
  • 01:30 Reigning As Kings with Basil Tryon
  • 02:00 Excellent Leadership with Sam Adeyemi
  • 02:30 180 Degrees with Biodun Fatoyinbo
  • 03:00 Salt & Light with Errol Naidoo
  • 04:00 Rhema Hour
  • 05:00 Liberty Church with DJ McPhail
  • 06:00 3-2-1 Penguins!
  • 06:30 Classic Superbook
  • 07:00 Meet The Tunies
  • 07:30 Paws & Tales
  • 08:00 RocKids TV
  • 08:30 iShine KNECT
  • 09:00 Life By Design with André Olivier
  • 09:30 Wisdomseekers with Wally Scholtz
  • 10:00 Destiny with Andrew Owen
  • 10:30 Momentum with Michael White
  • 11:00 Enjoying Jubilee Life with Tope Koleoso
  • 11:30 In His Name with Tamryn Klintworth
  • 12:00 Living By Grace with Bertie Brits
  • 12:30 The Word One to One with Richard Borgonon
  • 13:00 Breakforth with Andrew Osakwe
  • 13:30 Market Place with Charles Ngobeni
  • 14:00 ToekomsVenster with Jannie Pelser
  • 14:30 Prayer Storm with James Aladiran
  • 15:00 Next with Danny Gokey
  • 15:30 The Chuckie Perez Show
  • 16:00 JUCE TV Live
  • 17:00 Watch Now - A New Thing with Sipho Mseleku
  • 18:00 Behind The Scenes - Rixi Roman
  • 18:30 Be Your Dream, Inspire with Anaïs
  • 19:00 Divine Direction Part 1 with Craig Groeschel
  • 19:30 C·U·M Books Breakout Artists
  • 19:55 Remember That Time with Judah & Lee
  • 20:00 Facing The Giants
  • 22:00 Recipes For Greatness with Godman Akinlabi
  • 22:30 180 Degrees with Biodun Fatoyinbo
  • 23:00 Treasures - Sonny Arguinzoni
  • 23:30 TBN Play
  • 00:00 Grassroots with Angus Buchan
  • 00:30 Wisdomseekers with Wally Scholtz
  • 01:00 Your Miracle Moment with Siva Moodley
  • 01:30 True North with Cjay, Janine & Johan
  • 02:00 ToekomsVenster with Jannie Pelser
  • 02:30 Breakforth with Andrew Osakwe
  • 03:00 In His Name with Tamryn Klintworth
  • 03:30 The Spirit Of Prayer with Clive Gopaul
  • 04:00 The Toyin Abiola Show
  • 04:30 Faith Hill Church with Tafara Butayi
  • 05:00 Teach Every Nation with Bruce Wilkinson
  • 05:30 CHOOSE LIFE with John Roebert
  • 06:00 Jesse Duplantis Ministries
  • 06:30 Hosting The Supernatural with Nicky van der Westhuizen
  • 07:00 Keerpunt met Dirkie vd Spuy
  • 07:30 Your Miracle Moment with Siva Moodley
  • 08:00 Discover Life with At Boshoff
  • 08:30 The Spirit Contemporary Life with Leon Fontaine
  • 09:00 The Blessed Life with Robert Morris
  • 09:30 Steven Furtick
  • 10:00 Destined To Reign with Joseph Prince
  • 10:30 Creflo Dollar Ministries
  • 11:00 Rhema Hour
  • 12:00 Living Life with Theo Wolmarans
  • 12:30 C·U·M Books Breakout Artists
  • 13:00 Grassroots with Angus Buchan
  • 13:30 Partner Time
  • 14:00 Hillsong Church South Africa
  • 15:00 Living By The Answer with Olusola Areogun
  • 15:30 Life In The Word with Chuks Ozabor
  • 16:00 Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer
  • 16:30 John Gray World
  • 17:00 Overcomer with Joel Osteen
  • 17:30 The Potter's Touch with TD Jakes
  • 18:00 Salt & Light with Errol Naidoo
  • 19:00 Xihlovo with Mosa Sono
  • 19:30 Restoring Hope with Chris Mathebula
  • 19:55 Holy Ghost Espresso with Judah & Lee
  • 20:00 Good Or God? with John Bevere
  • 20:30 Live The Let-Go Life - Joseph Prince
  • 21:00 Praise
  • 22:00 Recipes For Greatness with Godman Akinlabi
  • 22:30 180 Degrees with Biodun Fatoyinbo
  • 23:00 Love Movement with Israel Daniels
  • 23:30 The Vision Guided Life with Kay & Olu Taiwo

Latest Videos

TBN Meets

#86 with Rusty Labuschagne

My guest today is a unique premier speaker who has an out-of-this-word testimony. Rusty Labuschagne has been through a trauma few have experienced. In 2003, the successful Zimbabwean businessman, who ran a safari outfit, flew his own aircraft and had a fishing resort on Lake Kariba, was framed by a poacher, the police and the courts and wrongfully convicted of drowning a poacher. He served 10 years in Zimbabwe’s prisons, including the notorious Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison during the Zim dollar crash, with food shortages, no running water and people dying around him daily.

Partner Time in Africa

Partner Time in Africa #124

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True North with Cjay, Janine & Johan

Episode #6

Wednesdays @830pm. A community that gathers to minister to the heart of God. Our desire is to create spontaneous moments of worship and teaching that invites His manifest presence into the homes of people.


Grassroots with Angus Buchan on Mondays & Wednesdays

Mondays & Wednesdays @5pm. Angus, farming evangelist, will take you back to the basics of Christianity on this show that is committed to the truth. Join Shalom Ministries as Angus shares a powerful, yet simple message straight out of the word of God.

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TBN Play

Weekly Playlist

Prince Promise

You are Worthy (Unastahili)

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All To You

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Kingdmusic feat. Cjay

Praise Him

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Count Your Blessings

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