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TBN Meets with Loyiso Bala October 28

TBN Meets with Loyiso Bala

A premium lifestyle program that celebrates the best that Africa has to offer. The weekly program features some of Africa's most talented individuals, as well as those who make a difference in, and impact the lives of, their communities.

700 Club Interactive Friday 12:30PM

700 Club Interactive

We aim to inspire, We aim to educate, We aim to enlighten and We aim to entertain believer's and unbeliever's alike to show how God works in the lives of everyday people and how He can work in their lives as well.

Now Showing

  • 00:00 Life In The Word with Chuks Ozabor
  • 00:30 3C Life with Bert Pretorius
  • 01:00 CHOOSE LIFE with John Roebert
  • 01:30 Taking Dominion with Enoch Phiri
  • 02:00 Real Woman with Nike Adeyemi
  • 02:30 New Day with Ray McCauley
  • 03:00 Recipes For Greatness with Godman Akinlabi
  • 03:30 The Gospel Truth with Andrew Wommack
  • 04:00 The Gathering with Dennis Sempebwa
  • 04:30 Liberty Today with Jonathan Falwell
  • 05:00 GregLaurie.TV
  • 05:30 Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer
  • 06:00 The Potter's Touch with TD Jakes
  • 06:30 Wake Up To Hope with Joel & Victoria Osteen
  • 07:00 Destined To Reign with Joseph Prince
  • 07:30 New Day with Ray McCauley
  • 08:00 Creflo Dollar Ministries
  • 08:30 Believer's Voice Of Victory
  • 09:00 The Elevation Experience with Steven Furtick
  • 09:30 The Blessed Life with Robert Morris
  • 10:00 Marriage Today with Jimmy & Karen Evans
  • 10:30 Winning Walk with Ed Young Sr.
  • 11:00 Life Today with James & Betty Robison
  • 11:30 Grace Shouts Louder with Ray Bevan
  • 12:00 Watch Now - Euro 700 Club
  • 12:30 700 Club Interactive
  • 13:00 John Hagee Today
  • 13:30 Gates Of Destiny with Paul Kamba
  • 14:00 Outrageous Grace with John Wasserman
  • 14:30 Snuggle
  • 15:00 Pahappahooey Island
  • 15:30 Acquire The Fire with Ron Luce
  • 16:00 It's Supernatural with Sid Roth
  • 16:30 The Potter's Touch with TD Jakes
  • 17:00 Manna-Fest with Perry Stone
  • 17:30 Rhema Guests
  • 18:00 Radical Makeovers with Rebecca Friedlander
  • 18:30 TBN Meets with Loyiso Bala
  • 19:00 Keep It Shut - Karen Ehman
  • 19:30 Big Church Day Out 2016
  • 21:00 Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer
  • 21:30 Prophetic Encounter with Jacques van der Westhuizen
  • 22:00 John Gray World
  • 22:30 Creflo Dollar Ministries
  • 23:00 Excellent Leadership with Sam Adeyemi
  • 23:30 Recipes For Greatness with Godman Akinlabi
  • 00:00 TBN Meets with Loyiso Bala
  • 00:30 Hope Restoration Ministries with Siphiwe Mathebula
  • 01:00 Life By Design with André Olivier
  • 01:30 Experience Your Miracle with Sharon Venketiah
  • 02:00 Excellent Leadership with Sam Adeyemi
  • 02:30 New Day with Ray McCauley
  • 03:00 Be Your Dream, Inspire with Anaïs
  • 04:00 Bobby Schuller Ministries
  • 05:00 Precious Memories with Bill & Gloria Gaither
  • 06:00 Grassroots with Angus Buchan
  • 06:30 Partner Time
  • 07:00 Your Miracle Moment with Siva Moodley
  • 07:30 From Glory To Glory with Jacob Msipha
  • 08:00 The Spirit Of Prayer with Clive Gopaul
  • 08:30 Wisdom Seekers with Wally Scholtz
  • 09:00 Freedom Church with Gary Snowzell
  • 09:30 Momentum with Michael White
  • 10:00 Destiny with Andrew Owen
  • 10:30 The Father's Heart with Caleb Alalade
  • 11:00 The Call to Ministry with Wayne Malcolm
  • 11:30 In His Name with Tamryn Klintworth
  • 12:00 ToekomsVenster with Jannie Pelser
  • 12:30 Fresh Start Today with Sam Oye
  • 13:00 Grace For All Nations with Emmanuel Ziga
  • 13:30 Boldness with Steven Khoury
  • 14:00 Travelling Light with Max Lucado
  • 14:30 Inside The Trinity Family Of Networks
  • 15:00 Treasures
  • 15:30 God For The Rest Of Us
  • 16:00 Top 3
  • 16:30 Amplify
  • 17:00 Travel The Road
  • 17:30 Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts
  • 18:00 Be Your Dream, Inspire with Anaïs
  • 19:00 In His Presence with Emmanuel Ogbechie
  • 19:30 TBN Meets UK
  • 20:00 The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry
  • 22:00 Alleluia Ministries with Alph Lukau
  • 22:30 Kairos Moment of Revelation with John Anosike
  • 23:00 Transformation Today with Victor Adeyemi
  • 23:30 The Hal Lindsey Report

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Latest Videos

TBN Meets

#25 with Janine Price

Janine Price started her music career at the tender age of 12, first as a piano player, as part of her church band, and later as a singer. After finishing high school she spent a year a Hillsong College in Australia where she was privileged to sit under the teaching and guidance of Darlene Zschech. After completing her studies she returned to South Africa to marry the love of her life William Price. She joined the Rhema Worship team in 1996 under the leadership of Carol Flack and Lionel Peterson and later was appointed head of the Music Department. She has recorded 4 solo albums (with one barely a week old) and several Church Worship albums and many collaborations with various artists around the world.

Partner Time in Africa

Partner Time in Africa #34

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Leon Schoeman with Siva Moodley

TBN Select Special - Leon Schoeman with Siva Moodley



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We are inviting the continent of Africa’s Christian Artists to be a part of the TBN family on DSTV channel 343.  If you wish to feature your music video on TBN Play, please fill in our online 'Submit your TBN Play Music Video' form for more details.


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