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C.U.M. Books Breakout Artists May 27 7:30PM

C.U.M. Books Breakout Artists

Featuring brand new material from Artists, across the world, such as Music Videos, Song Stories etc. Keep yourself up to date with your favorite Artists' projects and media which is available at C.U.M. Books Stores nationwide and online.

Monster Truck Adventures Saturday 6AM

Monster Truck Adventures

Monster Truck Adventures is an animated series that entertains and teaches Biblical life lessons! Join Meteor and his friends as they roar over jumps and splash through gunk in everyday adventures at school and all over their hometown.

Now Showing

  • 00:00 TBN Meets with Loyiso Bala
  • 00:30 Hope Restoration Ministries with Siphiwe Mathebula
  • 01:00 Life By Design with André Olivier
  • 01:30 FiftyFour Show
  • 02:00 Excellent Leadership with Sam Adeyemi
  • 02:30 Taking Dominion with Enoch Phiri
  • 03:00 Salt & Light with Errol Naidoo
  • 04:00 Watch Now - Bobby Schuller Ministries
  • 05:00 Precious Memories with Bill & Gloria Gaither
  • 06:00 Monster Truck Adventures
  • 06:30 RocKids TV
  • 07:00 3-2-1 Penguins!
  • 07:30 Auto-B-Good
  • 08:00 VeggieTales
  • 08:30 iShine KNECT
  • 09:00 Life By Design with André Olivier
  • 09:30 Momentum with Michael White
  • 10:00 Destiny with Andrew Owen
  • 10:30 Freedom Church with Gary Snowzell
  • 11:00 The Call to Ministry with Wayne Malcolm
  • 11:30 In His Name with Tamryn Klintworth
  • 12:00 The Father's Heart with Caleb Alalade
  • 12:30 Fresh Start Today with Sam Oye
  • 13:00 Grace For All Nations with Emmanuel Ziga
  • 13:30 Market Place with Charles Ngobeni
  • 14:00 ToekomsVenster with Jannie Pelser
  • 14:30 Inside The Trinity Family Of Networks
  • 15:00 Treasures
  • 15:30 Planetshakers TV
  • 16:00 Travel The Road
  • 16:30 Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts
  • 17:00 A New Thing with Sipho Mseleku
  • 18:00 Be Your Dream, Inspire with Anaïs
  • 19:00 In His Presence with Emmanuel Ogbechie
  • 19:30 C.U.M. Books Breakout Artists
  • 20:00 New Hope
  • 22:00 TBN Meets UK
  • 22:30 Kairos Moment of Revelation with John Anosike
  • 23:00 Turning Point International
  • 23:30 Breakforth with Andrew Osakwe
  • 00:00 Grassroots with Angus Buchan
  • 00:30 Wisdomseekers with Wally Scholtz
  • 01:00 Your Miracle Moment with Siva Moodley
  • 01:30 Kairos Moment of Revelation with John Anosike
  • 02:00 ToekomsVenster with Jannie Pelser
  • 02:30 Breakforth with Andrew Osakwe
  • 03:00 In His Name with Tamryn Klintworth
  • 03:30 The Spirit Of Prayer with Clive Gopaul
  • 04:00 The Father's Heart with Caleb Alalade
  • 04:30 Grace For All Nations with Emmanuel Ziga
  • 05:00 Kingdom Life with Pardy Williams 
  • 05:30 CHOOSE LIFE with John Roebert
  • 06:00 Believer's Voice Of Victory
  • 06:30 Kairos Moments with Nicky van der Westhuizen
  • 07:00 Keerpunt met Dirkie vd Spuy
  • 07:30 Turning Point with David Jeremiah
  • 08:00 Discover Life with At Boshoff
  • 08:30 The Spirit Contemporary Life with Leon Fontaine
  • 09:00 New Day with Ray McCauley
  • 09:30 Steven Furtick
  • 10:00 Destined To Reign with Joseph Prince
  • 10:30 Creflo Dollar Ministries
  • 11:00 The Blessed Life with Robert Morris
  • 11:30 Christ For All Nations with Daniel Kolenda
  • 12:00 Living Life with Theo Wolmarans
  • 12:30 Building Champions with Kenneth Ulmer
  • 13:00 Living Proof with Beth Moore
  • 13:30 Everyday Answers with Joyce Meyer
  • 14:00 Heaven On Earth - Bethel Church
  • 15:00 The Legacy of Purpose with Myles Jr. & Charisa Munroe
  • 15:30 Life In The Word with Chuks Ozabor
  • 16:00 Partner Time
  • 16:30 John Gray World
  • 17:00 Overcomer with Joel Osteen
  • 17:30 The Potter's Touch with TD Jakes
  • 18:00 Salt & Light with Errol Naidoo
  • 19:00 Xihlovo with Mosa Sono
  • 19:30 Hope Restoration Ministries with Siphiwe Mathebula
  • 20:00 The Penny
  • 22:00 Your Miracle Moment with Siva Moodley
  • 22:30 The Hal Lindsey Report
  • 23:00 ORU Campus University TV

We are excited to share some interesting information with our Partners and Friends. Find out more about what is happening at TBN in Africa in our quarterly newsletter.

Latest Videos

TBN Meets

#44 with Cynthia Garret

Through her ministry, Cynthia Garrett Ministries, she teaches women how to walk out life with faith! Passionate about media and its power to impact a generation, Cynthia's dynamic show, The London Sessions w/Cynthia Garrett, airs on TBN UK, here at home on TBN in Africa, and on TBN around the globe. Right now though, I'm really loving the mini-sessions that are currently on our programming schedule here on TBN in Africa.

Partner Time in Africa

Partner Time in Africa #64

We would love to hear from you with your testimonies of how God has touched your life through TBN IN AFRICA, please do get in touch so that we can share your stories on the program and encourage the viewers, our family.

TBN in Africa Specials

It's Time Build-Up Special with Leon Schoeman

Join TBN in Africa as we will be showing you exclusive interviews from a mixture of secular, and church leaders, as well as politicians that attended the event as we build-up to the Official Broadcast of The National Day Of Prayer.


Cherish with Gary Thomas

Monday 5 June 2017 at 8pm. Couples getting married have pledged to "love and to cherish, until death do us part." Most of us understand and get the love part, but what does it mean to cherish our spouse? Cherishing can breathe light, hope and life into a marriage.

We are inviting the continent of Africa’s partners and programmers to be a part of the TBN family on DStv channel 343, where viewers experience pure faith and family television like never before! If you wish to air your ministry programming with us, please fill in our online 'Become a Programmer' form for more details.

TBN Play

Weekly Playlist

Levison Masamba - Alpha and Omega

Gospel Music video. Praising God as the author and finisher of our lives.

Weekly Playlist


Soul Searching

Weekly Playlist

Ambassador J Loemba - Not Your Enemy

Through this music video, Ambassador J Loemba hopes that someone will be inspired, healed, restored and people's perspective about humanity will be positively shifted.

Weekly Playlist

Crossfya - Love Life

Love Life is the latest release from UK Christian Rap and Dance band Crossyfa. Filmed on location in Tenerife the video portrays a positive message that with Christ in our lives we can truly love the life we are living.

We are inviting the continent of Africa’s Christian Artists to be a part of the TBN family on DStv channel 343.  If you wish to feature your music video on TBN Play, please fill in our online 'Submit your TBN Play Music Video' form for more details.


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